This website is dedicated to the "Art of Living Well" as you age.  For instance, we will teach you new anti-aging secrets like how to naturally produce collagen using non-invasive techniques.

Among new anti-aging secrets include the astonishing new revelation that "red light in the 600-700 nanometer rangediscover organic skincare wrinkle treaments here will cause human skin to split" or divide, thus producing "collagen" naturally.  Collagen is a protein made up of amino acids which accounts for 30% of all proteins in your body and 80% of your skin.  Collagen is the main component of ligaments and tendons and everyone shows a sign of "collagen damage" as we get older.  Many enthusiastic users have claimed "red light therapy" to be a drug-free, surgery-free, full-body skin rejuvenator and who claim to see their skin "shine" after only a few sessions.  Do we have a true "anti-aging" secret?  Read more here...

Red Light Therapy
Include Lumiere, Hydration Station, Saunas, more

learn more about the Lumiere red light therapy device hereManufacturers like Lumiere have created the wrap-around head device pictured here which administers red light therapy with LED light in the 600-700 nm range.

Personal sauna manufacturers like Sybaratic, who make the Hydration Station series, produced the new Pro Spa 2 model which features a similar red light therapy device.

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Anti-aging Wrinkle Treatments
Include collagen lamps and Dead Sea peptides

red light lamps for tanning bedsThe FDA has acknowledged to the indoor tanning industry that "red light" in a certain spectrum has proven to make human skin grow, or produce collagen, for weeks after exposure.

The manufacturers of tanning bed replacement bulbs applied this technology to their current factory configuration which produces the UV lamps. By making the "collagen lamps" EXACTLY the same size as a tanning lamp, any home-owner can convert any used tanning bed into their own "full body face-lift" device.

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Organic Skincare
Ingredients include Sea Mud, Salts, Aloe Vera

Collagen can NOT be absorbed through the skin click here to buy red light lotion or sprayin a cream or lotion because the molecules are too big. However, you can prepare, exfoliate and "tighten" your skin with a variety of products on the market today.  One of these organic skincare products which prepares your skin for red light exposure is the red light lotion pictured here.  This spray helps to establish your skin's proper Ph balance so maximum therapeutic benefits are achieved.

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anti aging

NASA has revealed secrets of deep space travel which we can apply here on earth to look and feel younger without drugs or surgery.  Learn our anti-aging secrets here:

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light therapy

Among recently revealed secrets is that red light in the 600-700 nm region will actually benefit human skin, ligaments, and many other organs.  Red light therapy is currently administered in the following devices:

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medical conditions

Producing collagen naturally will help improve and alleviate the following medical conditions of the skin and joints:

organic skincare

Many other organic creams and gels help exfoliate and detoxify the skin and prepare it for a red light therapy session. Our favorite organic skincare products include:

Red Light-ST Mist »
prepares skin for red light exposure

Miracle Gel »
cellulite treatment to open pores

Sea Mud »
to detoxify your entire body

Dead Sea Peptide »
stimulates molecules of the skin